Neighborhood Plans on a Page

Albemarle Park Association
Ballantree Homeowners Association
Beaucatcher Mountain
Beverly Hills Homeowners Association
Chestnut Hills Neighborhood Coalition
Cimarron Homeowners Association
Downtown Asheville Residential Neighbors (DARN) 
East-West Asheville Neighborhood Association (EWANA)
Falconhurst Neighborhood
Gaia Village
Givens Estates
Grove Park-Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association
Grace Neighborhood
Haw Creek Community Association
The Heart of Chestnut Hill
Hollybrook Homeowners Association
Kenilworth Residents Association
Lakeshore Heights Neighborhood Association
Malvern Hills Community Club
Montford Neighborhood Association
North Downtown
Norwood Park Neighborhood Association
Park Avenue Homeowners Association
Parkway Forest Residents Association
Redwood Forest Residents Association
Shiloh Community
South French Broad
South Slope Neighborhood Association
Sweeten Creek Area Neighborhoods (SCAN)
The Views of Asheville
West End Clingman Area Neighborhood (WECAN)
Wilshire Park Community Association


Plans on a Page DRAFT Summary - This document is a summary of all of the Plans on a Page posted below.


Neighborhood Plans - Adopted by Asheville City Council

   o   WECAN Plan

   o   Shiloh Community 2025 Plan


Neighborhood Plans - Presented to Asheville City Council

o   East End/Valley Street Vision Plan 

o   Burton Street Community Plan 

How to submit a “Plan on a Page” for your neighborhood:

Send via email to Brenda Mills or mail to:

Brenda Mills
Communication & Public Engagement
City of Asheville
P.O. Box 7148
Asheville, NC 28802