Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment

SACEE consists of nine members appointed by City Council. The term of office is three years. 

The committee is responsible for developing and recommending policy to support topics such as sustainable energy, waste reduction, sustainable economic development, and land use planning. 

Regular Meeting Schedule  

The current meeting schedule is the third Wednesday of each month at 3:30 PM in the 1st Floor North Conference Room in City Hall.  The normal length of the meeting is 2 hours. Please reference the ART website for transit access to City hall. If you drive you can use this parking map as a reference. If you choose to park in the Public Works lot and walk to City Hall you can use this parking pass

Applicants should not be deterred from applying based on the day and time of the meeting as the committee is willing to adjust/review schedules based on new member availability. 

NOTICE: The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 21 in the first floor conference room in City Hall from 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  

Contact Information 

Chair: John Noor -

Sustainability Office:  (828-271-6141).

Committee Members:
Sonia Marcus -
Geoffrey Habron -
Maggie Gulick -
Keith McDade -
Anne Keller -
Josh O'Conner -
John Noor -
Anna Priest -
Renee Mazurek -

SACEE Orientation Packet Materials

Strategic Operating Plan - Asheville City Council's 2036 Vision
City of Asheville Organizational Chart
FY2014 COA Carbon Footprint Update
FY2015 Carbon Footprint Update
FY2016 CoA Carbon Update
SACEE Informational Powerpoint
SACEE Bylaws

Meeting Documents 

 Agenda Minutes  Supporting Materials 
 February 21, 2018  

Memo - Annual Report & Carbon Emission Inventory Update

DRAFT Resolution for Carbon Fee & Dividend

DRAFT SACEE Budget Priority Engagement Plant

 January 24, 2017 Minutes  Memo - Office Update
December 20, 2017  Minutes

Resolution approving Food Policy Action Plan

EITF Presentation
November 3, 2017 - Retreat
October 18, 2017 Minutes Memo - Strategic Planning Meeting 
Staff Report - Review of Carbon Reduction Goals
September 20, 2017  Minutes

Office of Sustainability - Budget Memo

Office of Sustainability - Memo to SACEE

SACEE - 2017 Goals

 August 16, 2017 Minutes

Food Policy Action Plan - Draft

FPAP - Focus Area Goals & Objectives

 June 21, 2017 No Quorum

Resolution Re-Affirming CoA's Commitment

100% Clean Energy Resolution - Passed

 May 17, 2017  Minutes

100% Clean Energy Resolution - Amendments

Resolution 2-90 2% Carbon Reduction Goal

Resolution 11-77 4% Carbon Reduction Goal

 April 19, 2017  Minutes

100% Clean Energy Resolution

Energy Savers Network PPT

Comprehensive Plan Update PPT

 March 22, 2017 Minutes 

CO2 Mitigation Plan

Staff Report for PED - CO2 Update

Draft Letter to PED on Lighting Ordinance

Sustainability Infographic

February 15, 2017 Minutes

Community Clean Energy Policy Framework

Model Lighting Ordinance

Asheville's Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

SACEE - Lighting Ordinance Review

January 18, 2017 Minutes

2016 SACEE Annual Report 

Acuity AMA Whitepaper

Bernard Arghiere Outdoor Lighting Presentation

December 21, 2016 Minutes  
November 16, 2016    
October 19, 2016 Draft Minutes  
September 21, 2016 Draft Minutes  
August 17, 2016  Draft Minutes  ---
July 20, 2016  Draft Minutes  Asheville Workplace Challenge Informational PPT
June 15, 2016  Draft Minutes   ---
May 18, 2016  Draft Minutes  Finance Committee Staff Report - PACE 
EITF Resolution
RMI_EITF_Summary Document
April 20, 2016  Draft Minutes  Resolution 16-64 Energy Innovation Task Force
Ordinance No. 3908
Sustainable Bonus Evaluation Form
March 21, 2016 3:30-5:30pm
*Meeting date change 
Draft Minutes  FY15 COA Carbon Footprint Update
February 15, 2016 
*Meeting date change
Draft Minutes  Final SACEE Bylaws
2015 SACEE Annual Report
SACEE Recruitment Policy
January 20, 2016  Canceled  SACEE Recruitment Policy
Final SACEE Bylaws
City of Asheville Sustainability Technician 2016
 December 16, 2015 Minutes  SACEE Recruitment Policy
SACEE Bylaws JN Edits
 November 13, 2015  SACEE Retreat   ---
 October 20, 2015  Minutes  Smart Grid DEEP
September 16, 2015 

 Minutes Community Clean Energy Policy Framework   
SACEE Bylaws
Meeting Agenda, Minutes and Supporting Materials 
 July 15, 2015
June 17, 2015 
May 20, 2015 
 April 15, 2015
 March 18, 2015
February 18, 2015 
January 21, 2015 
December 17, 2014 

SACEE Annual Reports 

SACEE Annual Reports to City Council (2008-2013)

SACEE Annual Report 2014


SACEE Annual Report 2015