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    GENERAL STATEMENTS                              

    Purpose: The City of Asheville Website is a service of the City of Asheville, North Carolina to provide accurate, non-editorial content that will inform, educate and enlighten citizens about the functions, services, activities, issues, operations, and projects of Asheville municipal government. Where appropriate, the website is also used to facilitate the delivery of direct services provided by the City of Asheville to its citizens and visitors. This website has been designed to accommodate most web browsing software, but has been optimized to work best with the most up to date web browsers.  To take advantage of advanced functionality and/or styling characteristics that have been incorporated into the City's website, it is recommended that you browse the website using the most current version of your web browser of choice. In addition, the City of Asheville Website has been designed for optimal viewing with monitors using 800 x 600 resolution or higher.


    Content: City of Asheville municipal government offices, departments, agencies, and governing bodies are eligible to post appropriate content to the City of Asheville Website. Only those eligible parties may request that their content be hosted by the City of Asheville, and thereby appear on the City of Asheville Website under the AshevilleNC.gov domain.


    General information provided via the City of Asheville Website is considered public and may be downloaded, printed, or distributed freely by and amongst the general public. Website/page design, HTML coding, interactive web applications, scripts, and/or custom website graphics and certain photographs are NOT public domain and require expressed permission from the author/creator for use and/or implementation on any website that is not maintained by the City of Asheville.


    The City of Asheville intends to maintain current and accurate information on the website. However, there may be occasions where information becomes temporarily outdated pending the receipt and posting of available updates. As a result, the City of Asheville cannot expressly warrant the accuracy of web content on a 24/7 basis. The City of Asheville has provided adequate contact information on web pages throughout the site so that visitors may request verification of the validity of specific web content from any point within the website.


    While the City of Asheville invites comments, suggestions, and or visitor input regarding the content of the municipal website, any unauthorized attempts to alter and/or upload information on this website/server are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act.


    Hyperlinks: At its sole discretion, the City of Asheville may provide supplemental information and/or hyperlinks to external websites on the City of Asheville Website in an effort to provide or direct visitors to additional resources. The City of Asheville's municipal government offices, departments, agencies, and governing bodies are eligible to request the posting of hyperlinks from the City of Asheville Website to alternate resources and/or external websites containing appropriate information relative to their service initiatives and/or mission. Other individuals or groups are not eligible to request the posting of such hyperlinks unless they are sponsored by an eligible party.


    The appearance of any hyperlink to an external website and/or server does not constitute endorsement by the City of Asheville of the opinions, ideas, or content therein, nor guarantee the validity of the information provided. The City of Asheville does not accept or assume responsibility or liability for the content contained on any external websites, as the City of Asheville does not have control over the content contained on such websites.




    The City of Asheville makes available for your use on its municipal website ("this website") information and documents subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document (the "Terms of Use"). By accessing this website, you agree to the Terms of Use. The City of Asheville reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at its sole discretion. Your use of the website will be subject to the most current version of the Terms of Use posted on the website at the time of such use. In addition, when using particular services or materials on this website, you are subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services or materials that contain terms and conditions in addition to those in the Terms of Use. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use. You may use this website only if you agree to these terms:


    You agree that you will not violate (or attempt to violate) the security of this website by hacking, sending viruses, or any other similar malicious or careless conduct.

    You agree that you will not utilize the communication methods found within this website for the communication of any material that may reasonably be considered scurrilous or offensive. Offensive materials are defined as sexual content or images, slurs against race, religious or political beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or physical attributes.

    You acknowledge that you have no right to the intellectual property associated with this website and that you have only a limited right to use this website.

    You acknowledge that the City of Asheville does not warrant the accuracy or availability of this website.

    You acknowledge that the City of Asheville is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury that you may have as a result of your use of this website.

    You agree to be bound by the laws applicable in the City of Asheville with respect to your use of this website and you agree that any court proceedings relating to your use of this website will take place in the Judicial District of Buncombe County, North Carolina.

    You agree to grant the City of Asheville all intellectual property rights in the content of any e-mail that you send to the City.

    If you DO NOT agree to ALL of these terms, please log off of this Website immediately.


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