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Change for the Non-single
Family Stormwater Utility Fee 

Prior to July 1, 2014 the fee was $2.34 per month per equivalent residential unit (ERU) of impervious surface.  As of July 1, 2014, the fee for 1 ERU is now $4.00 per month.  An ERU is the amount of impervious surface (rooftops, walkways, patios, driveways, parking lots, etc.) on the property.  It is measured in square feet on a typical, single-family property in Asheville.  One ERU equals 2,442 square feet of impervious surface.

Stormwater Services

The federal government requires the City of Asheville and all similarly-sized U.S. cities to create and maintain stormwater programs in an effort to restore and maintain the integrity of our nation’s waters by sharply reducing water pollution.  The city’s stormwater program is a requirement established by the federal government’s Clean Water Act (CWA), which is dedicated to implementing broad-based watershed strategies to reduce water pollution. These strategies include: maintaining and improving the public storm drain system, enforcing stormwater and erosion standards related to (re)construction activities, preventing illegal dumping in the storm drain system, and educating the public about stormwater issues. The Stormwater division is also responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair and revitalization of the storm drainage, catch basins, pipes, etc., within the city's streets, rights-of-way and dedicated storm water easement. The division coordinates public-private stormwater damage abatement projects as approved by City Council.

Emergency Sediment and Erosion Control Violations

If you see emergency sediment, erosion or illicit discharge violations within the city limits during normal business hours 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. call (828) 232-4567, after normal business hours, weekends and holidays please contact our on call duty officer (828) 251-1122.

The on call duty officer will only respond to the following violation criteria:

  • Mud or sediment in a roadway, yard or basement directly related to a weather event.
  • Mud or sediment in a roadway, yard or basement when the sources of the water are not known.
  • Failure of an erosion control system that has been witnessed by a citizen or passerby.
  • Illicit discharge violations into the city owned storm drains.

Please take the criteria under consideration before you report any violation.

Stormwater Ordinance

The Stormwater Services strives to protect local water quality by way of the current Stormwater Ordinance. The ordinance, adopted in August 2007, brought the city into compliance with NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources regulations. Some provisions could impact the future development plans of landowners along streams. These stream protection and erosion rules, and any revisions to them, can affect both future development and the city’s ability to maintain water quality in rivers, streams and lakes. The City of Asheville has held several public input sessions to gain feedback and describe the process being used to reconsider certain provisions. With the public input, the final product was developed by staff and the Watershed Policy Committee (consisting of City staff, members of the development community, owners of private property in the city and environmental representatives) and adopted June 8, 2010. Click on the following to view the current ordinance:

Asheville/Buncombe Flood Damage Reduction Task Force

The Asheville City Council on May 23, 2006, appointed a Flood Damage Reduction Task Force also consisting of City staff, members of the development community, owners of private property in the city and environmental representatives. The task force's mission is to establish a regional approach and long-range plan for flood damage reduction, floodplain protection and watershed management. The plan is based on on best management models, which integrate objectives of flood control, transportation, economic development, land use and community planning, recreation and environmental preservation. For additional information, see the Flood Damage Reduction Task Force Findings and Recommendations of Oct. 30, 2007

The Asheville Stormwater Utility

Stormwater is rain that falls on streets, roofs, parking lots and other man-made surfaces and flows down gutters and into storm drains. The storm drain system empties directly into creeks, rivers, and other bodies of water. When rain flows into the storm drain system, it picks up pollutants like pesticides, paint, household chemicals, sediment, yard waste, detergents, oil and grease, trash, and pet waste.

Stormwater runoff is the #1 source of pollution for fresh-water streams and shorelines in North Carolina. Stormwater and stormwater pollution can contaminate drinking water sources, sicken swimmers, disrupt aquatic habitats, cause fish kills, contribute to flash flooding, and cause land and stream bank erosion.

The City of Asheville Stormwater Utility collects fees from property owners in Asheville in order to:

  • Plan for, improve and operate the stormwater system in an efficient and effective manner;
  • Adopt development policies and standards that prevent flooding, preserve streams and channels, and minimize water pollution without arresting new or infill development;
  • Develop detailed watershed plans that promote orderly growth;
  • Fully comply with federal and state regulatory requirements;
  • Educate the public about stormwater issues and involve them in stormwater initiatives; and
  • Implement utility fees to meet these needs in a fair and equitable manner.

Click here to see what your stormwater bill paid for in 2012.

Completed Stormwater Projects

Blair Street Project

City worked with property owners along Blair Street to construct 359 linear footage of pipe to replace a failing storm drainage pipe.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Trench Drain and Rain Garden at Fire Station on Livingston Street

Storwmater Crews worked with RiverLink to install trench drain and a rain garden at Fire Station #2.  Thanks to this trench drain, rain and  wash water will now drain into the rain garden instead of running onto Livingston Street.
(Click on image to enlarge)

Gardenwood Lane Project

Storwmater Crews installed 400 feet of pipe, upgraded three inlets and installed an additional five inlets on Gardenwood Lane.  By upgrading and placing new stormwater infrastructure, the stormwater will travel into a piped system to carry it out of the roadway.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Robindale Road Project

A joint undertaking with the Sidewalk and Stormwater Crews improved Robindale Road when they installed 500 feet of stormwater pipe, added one stormwater drain and replaced old sidewalk with new sidewalk.
(Click on image to enlarge)

Long Street Project

While Sidewalk Crews was replacing sidewalks on Long Street they noticed that the stormwater pipes were failing.  Stormwater Crews came out and replaced 300 feet of stormwater pipes.
(Click on image to enlarge)

North Market Street Project

Stormwater Crews made stormwater improvements by upgrading the stormwater pipe size and installing 180 feet of stormwater pipe on North Market Street.

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 Victoria Road Project

Victoria Road has previously flooded in heavy rain events and often overtops the curb that has been placed in the area.  Stormwater Crews have made stormwater improvements along Victoria Road.  By placing new stormwater infrastructure, the stormwater will travel along the ditch and into a piped system to convey it out of the roadway.  Timing for this project was critical to minimize traffic impact on Victoria Road.  The city worked with AB Tech to schedule this project during the summer while classes were not in session.

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Contact Information

Stormwater Services Division
Public Works Department

McCray Coates, Stormwater Services Manager
Physical Address:  Public Works Building, 161 S. Charlotte St.
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802
Stormwater Services Hours:  7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday
Main Line: (828) 232-4567

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