Vendor Application & Commodity Listing

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    How to Register

    To become a member of the City of Asheville's registered bidder database, please complete and return a Vendor Application. The vendor application requests specific detailed information about your company. Your application submission will not be successful without the required information. Be sure to complete the application in its entirety and return via fax (828-259-5440) or mail to: City of Asheville, Purchasing Division, PO Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802.

    Prior to completing the application, you will need to review the Commodity List.


    What is a commodity code?
    The codes for the specific commodities/services that your company can provide to the city should be entered in the table provided at the end of the application. This number will be a combination of the applicable 3 and/or 6-digit Commodity/Sub commodity code classification shown on the Commodity List. If you are unable to identify your commodity or service category or if you need to provide more information, please feel free to furnish your comments in the section provided after the table.


    Once you submit your application, no further action is required. Your company's name will be added to the city's list of registered bidders and your company will be eligible to receive bid solicitations from the city's Purchasing Division.



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