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    Asheville, NC 28801
    Main Phone Line: (828) 259-5800
    Fax: (828) 259-5606
    Mailing Address   Street Address
    Asheville Parks and Recreation    
    PO Box 7148   70 Court Plaza, 4th Floor
    Asheville, NC 28802   Asheville, NC 28801
    Roderick Simmons Director 259-5808
    Debbie Ivester Assistant Director 259-5804
    Recreation Division
    Amy Pruett Rickman Superintendent, Recreation Services  251-4080
    Mark Halstead Athletics 251-4024
    Allison Dains Recreation Centers & Youth Programs 251-4081
    Dee Black Senior Centers & Programs 259-5809
    Christen McNamara Outdoor Recreation 251-4029
    Bryan Fish Adult Sports 251-4026
    Kim Turner Youth Athletics 232-4526
      League/Game/Cancellation/Info 251-4082
    Kim Isley Senior Opportunity 350-2062
    Roger Tweed/Sandy Tweed Vance After School 350-6611
    Pope Golf Course Management Asheville Municipal Golf Course 298-1867
    Laura Loftis Aston Park Tennis Center 251-4074
    Ryan Seymour Asheville Skate Park 225-7184
    Candy Shaw Swimming Pool, Malvern Hills 253-1164
    Candy Shaw Swimming Pool, Walton Street 253-1143
    Candy Shaw Swimming Pool, Recreation Park 298-0880
    Recreation Centers
    Shateisha Lenoir Burton Street 254-1942
    LEAF Community Arts  East Asheville 686-8742
    Randy Shaw Dr Wesley Grant Jr / Southside 259-5483
    Lee Dansby Harvest House 350-2051
    Kim Kennedy Montford 253-3714
    Kim Kennedy Murphy-Oakley 251-4042
    Dee Black North Asheville 259-5809
    Kim Isley Senior Opportunity 350-2062
    Tameka Crudup Lynwood Crump - Shiloh 274-7739
    Candy Shaw Stephens-Lee 350-2058
    Randy Shaw West Asheville 259-5483
    Cultural Arts Division
      Superintendent, Cultural Arts 259-5815
    Chris Gentile WNC Nature Center Director 259-8080
    Sandra Travis Program Supervisor, Festivals 259-5841
    Kristin Perez Event Specialist 259-5773
    Stacey Witkowski Event Specialist 259-5689
    Park Maintenance
    Al Kopf Superintendent (Interim), Park Maintenance 259-5835
    James Ball Labor Crew Coordinator 251-4051
    Ricky Foster Labor Crew Coordinator 251-4053
    Paul Becker Labor Crew Coordinator 251-4052
      Riverside Cemetery 350-2066
      McCormick Field 258-0428
    (Operations managed by the Asheville Tourists Baseball Club) ext 200
    Keith Whittington Park Warden 252-1110
    Jennifer Payne Pritchard Park Park Ranger 280-6361
    Park Planning & Development
    Al Kopf Superintendent, Park Planning & Development 259-5838
    Business Services Division

    Christy Bass Business Services Supervisor 259-5801
    Kathy Knapp Administrative Assistant 251-4068
    Judy Scott Adminstrative Secretary 259-5802
    Don Fairbanks Media Technical Specialist 259-5555


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