Adult Athletic programs are established to provide wholesome recreational opportunities for residents of the community of all skill levels and ages. Emphasis is placed on fair play and sportsmanship.  
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Youth Athletic Programs focus on the three main goals of safety, fun and participation ensuring that everyone plays at least half of every game.  Providing positive coaching where coaches assist in the development of the player's self-worth and confidence. Stressing sportsmanship and fostering mutual respect.
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Adult Athletics

 Fall Softball Documents            
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Summer Volleyball Entry Procedure 2016            
Summer Volleyball Entry Fee 2016            
Roster Form            
Youth Athletics



Kim Turner, Asst. Athletic Director 
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Asheville Parks and Recreation offers a variety of youth athletic programs. The philosophy of youth athletic programs in the City of Asheville is based on three main goals:
1. Safety
2. Fun
3. Participation development based on the following:
Everyone Plays - Providing opportunities to learn skills and improve conditioning by minimizing roster sizes and ensuring that players play at least half of every game.
Positive Coaching - Providing training and education for coaches to assist in the development of the player's self-worth and confidence.
Sportsmanship - Creating a positive environment that fosters mutual respect.

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