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As you explore Asheville, you'll see a number of sculptures and other pieces of art. The “Energy Loop”; the Deco Gecko in Pritchard Park; the murals in the City Hall chambers; the bronze life-size sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. at MLK Park; the more than 30 sculptures and plaques along the Urban Trail are all part of Asheville’s public art collection.
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Public Art Master Plan - The Public Art Master Plan (PAMP) was completed in 2000 and re-adopted in November, 2008.
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The Public Art & Cultural Commission meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m., in the first floor conference room of City Hall.
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The Asheville Urban Trail Walking Tour

The Asheville Urban Trail, a walking tour of downtown Asheville, highlights the unique architecture, people, and historic events of the city.  The Urban Trail is divided into five distinct eras, each of which has a symbol.  These symbols are carved into pink granite blocks placed in the sidewalk along the way for you to follow.  All street crosswalks for the trail are marked. Enjoyed in its entirety, the walking tour requires approximately two hours to complete.  The map in this brochure identifies each of the 30 stations by a number.  All 30 stations include a piece of art and/or a bronze plaque that describes the station.

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To request copies of the Urban Trail brochure and map, please email Basil Punsalan at

The Public Art Program oversees Asheville's growing collection, and garners support to maintain and expand the collection with the assistance of the Public Art & Cultural Commission. The commission's expertise in art, design, and curation is a great asset to the program. 

Public Art & Cultural Commission

  • To provide public art in public buildings and public spaces
  • To promote Asheville as a "arts destination" city and use public art as a major attraction for cultural tourism and economic development
  • To educate the citizens of Asheville and visitors about local culture and history through public art
  • To encourage the use of volunteers on public art projects
  • To raise funds for public art
  • To approve the subject matter of public art
  • To develop a procedure for the selection of art and/or artists for public art
  • To inventory public art to ensure conditions and standards are being met

For more information about the Public Art & the Urban Trail contact:

Asheville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts
Phone: 828-259-5800

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