Zoning Permits & Review

After you have completed a pre-application conference and are ready to submit an application for your project's permits, your project will be subject to zoning review. The Planning & Development Department reviews many different types of projects for zoning compliance including Level I, II, and III projects, Conditional Use Permits and Conditional Zoning, Sign Permits, Flexible Development requests, Major and Minor Subdivisions, Home Occupation Permits and Zoning Variance applications. The application review process depends on the size and type of project, as listed below.

Level I: Projects less than 35,000 square feet or less than 20 residential units

For Level I projects, the Development Services Center will assist you with submitting your project for zoning review. The Level I application for project permits covers zoning requirements. The center is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m., and may be reached by calling (828) 259-5846.

Level II, III, Conditional Zoning, Conditional Use Permits & Major Subdivisions: Projects more than 35,000 square feet or 20 or more residential units

The Planning & Development Department coordinates zoning review for all projects larger than Level I through the Office of the Technical Review Manager.

Application packets for specific types of projects are available through the Technical Review Committee web page.


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