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    The Development Services Department handles all permitting issues within the city including fire permits.  The Asheville Fire and Rescue Department assists with many different aspects of fire related issues and have staff on duty at the Development Services Department at 161 S. Charlotte Street.

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    Fire inspections are conducted by the Fire Marshals of the Asheville Fire Department. Permit holders and/or their authorized trade contractor must notify the Fire Department for commercial inspections when ready for inspection. As the construction process progresses, there are certain mandatory inspections that need to be made at different intervals of the construction stage. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to provide access to and means for inspection of the work for any inspection required by the code. The fire code official is authorized to conduct such inspections as are deemed necessary to determine the extent of compliance with the provisions of this code and to approve reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals.

    Commercial Fire Inspections

    An Assistant Fire Marshal reviews applications for commercial construction, tents, and temporary uses. They are responsible for ensuring code compliance for site plans, building plans, exit door hardware, fire protection systems, hood system installation, and any plans associated with Fire Prevention Code Construction permits. One representative assigned to this duty works within the Development Services Department office at 161 South Charlotte Street. A staff of Deputy Fire Marshals work under his supervision for field inspections of these construction projects.


    Asheville Fire Marshal Office Contacts for plan review and permits

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    North/East    Deputy Fire Marshal    Brian Ronie 828-251-4012
    South/West    Deputy Fire Marshal James Freeman    828-251-4006   

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