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    The Public Art & Cultural Commission consists of nine members appointed by City Council. The term of office is three years.

    The Board is responsible for promoting and maintaining art displays in public buildings and public spaces in the City of Asheville. In addition the Board (1) facilitates public art in public buildings and public spaces; (2) informs the residents of and visitors to Asheville about public art; (3) advances the City of Asheville as an “arts destination” and engages public art as a major attraction for artists, cultural tourism, and economic development; (4) is responsible for approving the site and content of public art; (5) is responsible for developing a procedure for the selection of art and/or artists, which will include public input as well as appropriate staff review. The Public Art Board shall follow its Public Art Policy and Implementation Guidelines as modified and/or amended every five years; and (6) recommends to City Council the acceptance of works of art.

    The board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m., in the 1st floor conference room of City Hall. The normal length of the meeting is one to two hours.

    Chairman Robert Todd -

    General Information

    2007 Annual Report
    2008 Annual Report
    2009 Annual Report
    2010 Annual Report
    2011 PACC Annual Report
    2012 PACC Annual Report

    Current PACC Members

    Subcommittee By-laws
    Advocacy Subcommittee Guidelines
    Community Engagement & Partnership Subcommittee Guidelines
    Education Subcommittee Guidelines
    Public Art Maintenance Subcommittee Guidelines
    Urban Trail Subcommittee Guidelines

    Public Art and Cultural Commission Agenda:
    Agenda for March 27, 2014

    Public Art and Cultural Commission Minutes
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    Minutes for meetings from years prior to 2013 are available by e-mailing

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