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    The Asheville City Board of Education consists of five members all appointed by City Council (which must be city residents). The term of office is four years.

    The board is responsible for assuring quality education for Asheville city school children. The board meets the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Asheville City School Administrative Offices at 85 Mountain St. The normal length of the meeting is two hours. In addition to the regular board meetings, the board holds work sessions one week prior to the regular board meeting at 4:00 p.m. in Room 203 of Administrative Offices at 85 Mountain Street, Asheville.

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    What is a board of education and why is it important?

    A local board of education serves a vital role in our community by helping steer the educational journeys of our children. Its decisions influence the lives of students and their parents, teachers, school staff, and district leadership, and impact the overall well-being of the community. The Asheville City Board of Education serves as the governing body of The Asheville City Schools. This board establishes the vision for education in the district. It sets the goals, standards, and tone for what we want our public schools to be and ensures that these schools are responsive to the needs of our local community.  The school board serves the larger purposes of representing the needs of the community in our schools, building bridges among parents, school leadership, and other sectors of the community, and ensuring that our schools are the best they can be. During these challenging times, the school board will also need to advocate for our schools, communicating their needs and challenges to the community.

    The school board also performs these specific functions:

    • Develops, implements, and monitors district policies
    • Selects, retains, and evaluates the superintendent
    • Allocates resources and oversees use of funds
    • Establishes student performance standards
    • Serves on various hearing panels

    What are the essential attributes of a good board member?

    Successful board members recognize the value of public education, possess a passion for supporting teachers and students in our community, and are committed to continuously improving our local school district.

    Good board members:

    • Understand the unique challenges that Asheville City Schools face, particularly as they relate to students living in poverty.
    • Are committed to equity among Asheville City Schools’ diverse population.
    • Have knowledge of and/or experience with public schools and education related issues.
    •  Know or be willing to learn the legal requirements of operating a public school system.
    • Are capable of providing oversight for a multi-million dollar budget.
    • Can provide meaningful evaluation of the performance of the superintendent and other senior district-level staff.
    •  Are experienced community leaders who attend relevant community meetings and events.
    • Are articulate communicators who are transparent with families and staff.

    Members should exhibit a strong commitment to working with others on the board toward the shared vision of providing the best possible education for the children in our community.  While being cooperative, independent thinking is valued in the process of exploring operational and policy decisions. They should have the capacity to learn and grow as they recognize the scope of the responsibilities of serving on the board. Members must be willing and prepared to serve as a representative, a leader, and an advocate.

    What are the benefits?

    As a board member, you are given the unique opportunity to be a steward of the Asheville City Schools district’s resources, a representative of our community, and an advocate for public education.  Serving on the Board of Education provides you with an opportunity to give back to this community, influence the lives of children, and carry out an essential democratic responsibility.

    Members of the board of education impact the experience of more than 4,000 children each year.

    The board chair receives a monthly stipend of $350 from Asheville City Schools and board members receive a monthly stipend of $250.

    What are the requirements?

    Members must be Asheville City residents and live within the Asheville City Schools District. Additionally, they must be registered voters and not be employed by the Asheville City Schools district.

    Serving as a board member demands time, energy, and a willingness to listen. Members of the board of education agree to serve for four years, up to two times. The Board meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The normal length of the meeting is two hours. One week prior to the regularly scheduled Board meetings, the Board holds one 2-3 hour work session beginning at 4:00 p.m. Board members also attend selected events at varying days and times and the ability to have a flexible schedule is very helpful.

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