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Boards and Commissions Manual

Through a variety of boards and commissions established by Asheville City Council, citizens can provide input on the policies that shape their government and their city. There are currently more than 30 boards and commissions that advise the Mayor and City Council on a array of issues.

Board members and commissioners generally serve as unpaid volunteers, but the rewards can be gratifying: members meet other residents with similar interests, they learn about the city, and they help shape the future of Asheville. Being on a board or commission does require a significant personal commitment, however, so applicants should consider their ability to commit their time and personal energy before applying.

To find out more about a specific board or commission, please visit their individual web pages located on the left menu. Board and commission meetings are open to the public, so potential applicants are encouraged to sit in on monthly meetings. Meeting dates, times and locations vary, and are available on individual web pages.

If members of the public are interested in being on an  e-mail list to receive information on a particular board, they will need to contact the individual staff contact (which can be found in the Boards & Commissions Meeting Schedules, Contact Information and Liaisons below).  

Boards & Commissions Meeting Schedules, Contact Information and Liaisons

Applying for a Board or Commission:

If you are interested in serving on a Boards or Commission, download an application or request one from the city clerk’s office.  After your application is received, you will receive a receipt of application e-mail.  If you do not receive that receipt within two hours after submittal, please contact City Clerk Maggie Burleson at or 259-5601 to make sure that your application has reached the City Clerk's Office.  Once an application is received, the city will place your name on the resource list for the particular board. When vacancies occur, the City Council will review the resource list and schedule interviews. You will be contacted directly if it is necessary for you to interview for an appointment.

Be a Local Leader

The City of Asheville has various openings on various committees.  Have you ever wanted to make a difference?  Have you wondered, “Can the City benefit from my experience and knowledge?”  Do you want to have a voice in the City’s growth and future?  Do you want to be a part of the body that is responsible for making decisions regarding policy, service and education?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to take that initial step forward and put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to task by serving on one of the many committees we have to offer.

The boards listed below currently have vacancies.  The deadline for receiving applications for these openings is Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 5 p.m.

 Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 259-5601 or by e-mail at for an application form.

AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE COMMISSION - The Commission shall have the following powers and duties: (a) Develop rules for the conduct of its business, including but not limited to meeting schedules, election of officers, voting, subcommittees, et al.; (2) Develop a plan to identify, create, encourage, promote and implement projects that will recognize, increase and expand the awareness of the contributions of African-Americans throughout the City-County area; and (3) Create plans to identify and recognize sites in the community that are significant to African-American history; encourage and promote economic activity related to the African American community; and propose other projects that are consistent with the goals of the Commission.

AIRPORT AUTHORITY, GREATER ASHEVILLE REGIONAL - The Authority oversees the management and operation of the Asheville Regional Airport.


CITIZENS-POLICE ADVISORY COMMITTEE –  The responsibilities of the Committee include serving as liaison between the police and community over concern; to mediate problems or conflicts; to serve as an advocate for programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the police and the community; and to disseminate information to the community and to the government officials in Asheville.


COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE - The City of Asheville will be undertaking a 15 to 17 month process to update the City of Asheville Comprehensive Plan.  The plan will act as a resource for policy decisions by reflecting the community’s vision for the location and form of future development, while ensuring sufficient infrastructure, parks and other community services. The city has retained the services of Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM) to lead this effort. SOM will work with city staff to facilitate the planning process, which will include extensive public engagement. 


The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to set forth goals and policy opportunities for sustainable growth and development over the next 10-20 years and beyond.  The plan will include strategies related to land use, multimodal transportation, economic development, social equity, infrastructure, housing, livability, placemaking, open space, climate change adaptation, and sustainability.

Scope of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory CommitteeSOM will work with city staff to form an Advisory Team to provide input and feedback on the planning and public engagement process. The Advisory Team will represent a broad diversity of interests on topics relevant to the Comprehensive Plan and will have representation, at minimum, from the following committees/organizations (in no particular order), plus three at-large members:


·         Planning and Zoning Committee;

·         African American Heritage Committee;

·         City of Asheville Recreation Board;

·         Asheville Downtown Commission;

·         Historic Resources Commission of Asheville & Buncombe County (HRC);

·         Public Art and Cultural Commission (PACC);

·         Buncombe County liaison;

·         Downtown Commission;

·         Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE);

·         Asheville Multi-modal Transportation Commission;

·         Asheville Affordable Housing Advisory Committee;

·         Neighborhood Advisory Committee; and

·         Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

 With respect to the at-large member seats, preference will be given to candidates who broaden the diversity of interests represented on the committee.

 The Advisory Committee will be involved throughout the community visioning process. The scope of the Advisory Committee includes, at a minimum, the following tasks:

 ·         Attend a workshop with SOM’s Planning Team and city staff during the Assessment Phase of the project to review deliverables related to data collection, benchmarking and public/stakeholder engagement.

·         Attend 2 workshops with SOM’s Planning Team and city staff during the Strategy and Vision Phase of the project to provide input on strategies related to public engagement, economic development, physical opportunity scenarios and the establishment of Asheville’s Principles and Goals.

·         Attend a teleconference with SOM’s Planning Team and city staff at the Draft Comprehensive Plan Phase of the project to review a draft progress package and attend a follow-up workshop with SOM’s Planning Team and city staff  to review and comment on the Final Draft of the Plan.

·         Attend a workshop with SOM’s Planning Team and city staff for a presentation on the Final Comprehensive Plan.

       Additional responses to the questions below MUST BE included with each application:

 1.    What do you see as the major challenges facing Asheville in the next 10 years?

2.    What do you see as the major opportunities available to Asheville in the next 10 years?

3.    Do you have any affiliation with an existing City of Asheville Board or Commission?  If so, please indicate the Board or Commission.


HISTORIC RESOURCES COMMISSION - Some duties of the Commission include (1) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners "historic districts" and "landmarks"; (2) restoring, preserving and operating historic properties; (3) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners that designation of historic districts to be revoked or removed for cause; and (4) review and act upon proposals for alterations, demolitions, or new construction within historic districts, or for alteration or demolition of designated landmarks.  Members shall have a demonstrated special interest, experience or education in history, archeology, architecture or related fields.


HOUSING AUTHORITY - The Commissioners are the policy-makers and governing body of the Housing Authority.  They review and approve all budgets for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approve plans and specifications, award contracts and appoint the Executive Director. 


MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION -  Members shall represent various modes of transportation to include, but not be limited to:  transit, greenways, automobiles, bikes, pedestrians, etc.  Members shall possess expertise and interest in the sustainability and development of multimodal transportation and demonstrate willingness to participate actively.  This Commission The Commission will (1) recommend policies for the development/ integration of multimodal transportation planning and education to the City; (2) assist with the development of a multimodal transportation system; (3) assist the City with the implementation of best management practices for educating the public on the benefits of multimodal transportation; (4) assist in the sustainability, development and implementation of the multimodal transportation plan; and (5) assist in the prioritization of the Capital Improvement Plan as it relates to multimodal transportation projects.


NEIGHBORHOOD ADVISORY COMMITTEE– The Committee was established to advise the City Council on neighborhoods within the City of Asheville’s zoning and planning jurisdiction.  The Commission shall have the following powers and duties: (1) Develop rules and by-laws for the conduct of its business, including but not limited to meeting schedules, officers, voting, sub-committees; (2) Develop a plan to strengthen neighborhood identity and resilience, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between Asheville’s neighborhoods and City offices; (3) Develop benchmarks and standards by which progress towards implementing the plan can be measured; and (4) Work on special projects that are consistent with the goals of the committee, as assigned or directed by Council.


PUBLIC ART AND CULTURAL COMMISSION– The Commission is responsible for promoting and maintaining art displays in public buildings and public spaces in the City of Asheville.  In addition the Commission (1) facilitates public art in public buildings and public spaces; (2) engages the creative sector as a major attraction for artists, cultural tourism and economic development; (3) encourages public confidence for and appreciation of the arts in Asheville; (4) works to build partnerships and collaborations throughout Asheville’s creative community; and (5) aids in strengthening the organizational structure of public and cultural arts delivery.  The Public Art and Cultural Commission shall follow its Public Art Policy and Implementation Guidelines as modified and/or amended every five years; and (6) recommends to City Council the acceptance of works of art. 


WNC REGIONAL AIR QUALITY AGENCY BOARD -      The Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:  (1) to select the Director according to the merit system rules of the State Personnel Commission; (2) to advise the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and the Asheville City Council in developing policies and plans to improve air quality programs; (3) to consult with the Director about problems relating to management of the Agency and to approve the budgets for the Agency; (4) to perform the functions and responsibilities enumerated in N. C. Gen. Stat. sec. 143-215.112 (c) (1); and (5) to have such other duties and responsibilities as these parties may assign to it.



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Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 259-5601 or by e-mail at for any information on Boards & Commissions.

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